2006 November

November 15, 2006

Effie May Crossing – Clearing

On November 14, City of San Diego began scooping out trash & debri to open a path to Cathedral Trail trailhead from the north. City Government people at the work site said they will make big efforts to keep the trails open while they prepare to dredge the river bed. They said permits might be approved within 2

November 11, 2006

Border Field State Park – Gate Closed for Flooding

The gate at Border Field State Park is closed to automobiles due to several inches of water flooding 60-yards of road just before the park. The water is clear with no smell and only fetlock deep. The water came from Mexico. State Parks closes automobile access whenever water covers the road. Hikers, bikers, and equestrians may bypass the gate.

November 05, 2006

Trail Below Dairy Mart Bridge is Wide and Dry

This trail located slightly west of, but below the Dairy Mart Bridge is sandy, wide, and has the burrs cleared away. This is the best condition it has had in about a year. You can just barely see it from the bridge top, but it’s easily found from its north and south entrances. Going north in the river

November 05, 2006

Eastward in River Bed to TJ – now is a good time to ride.

The trail in the river bed from Dairy Mart Bridge going eastward to TJ has dry good footing. The best place to cross as you get close to the border is at the water depth marker, located in the center of the river bed,  just a couple hundred yards before the Las Americas mall. There is