2008 April

April 12, 2008

Cathedral Trail – Passable

April 12, 2008: TRVEA cleared Cathedral Trail into a passable horse path. Footing is good, but there are still brush-overhang and trash due to the winter’s riverflow. Protective tack and clothing are recommended.  The nasturtiums will be awesome in a couple of weeks.

April 10, 2008

Crossing the Tijuana River – Footing Deceives

April 10, 2008, Tijuana River Crossing at Dairy Mart Rd: The SDC sanctioned trail across the Tijuana River below the Dairy Mart Road is passable again. However, at the north side entry into the river botttom, the river soil looks solid, but it is sediment, very soft, and deep. My horse sunk to knee depth

April 10, 2008

MCAS – Miramar Stables to Close – TRVEA Against

April 2, 2008, San Diego Union Tribune: MCAS Miramar announced the closure of the base’s historical equestrian facility, citing (not credible) problems with operational expenses. The facility was cut in half several years ago for a storage parking lot, but this time base military administrators announced a permanent closure. TRVEA strongly opposes this action and