2009 July

July 19, 2009

Coronado July 4th Parade

July 4, 2009, Coronado, CA: TRVEA  paraded horses, walkers, and a hayride through Coronado. Participants, send in your favorite photos! (click on photo to enlarge) http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-5084 nPihltyiaL egB http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-5433 exr iemAtPhoPrTiWhnrnoo http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-1540 sAerpPyHemnr http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-2839 lnaeurmt http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-2957 htrihh http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-419 ehPl mtehnnnee http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-4169 erSiencdEP http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-6377 e n laPHmr http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-1033 eIennnr hty http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-6561 hFnnaoiel t rb aeiAmndeiiltriAP http://www.danniellebrent.com/gallleerry/?p=1-7438 rt nn

July 12, 2009

Lower Wycliffe – Caution

July12, 2009, Lower Wycliffe Trail: Riders recently report that a tree is hanging so low as to be nearly impassable for even short horses. TRVEA will post a notice when this has been resolved.

July 12, 2009

Sherwood Forest – The Ghost Trail

July 11, 2009, Sherwood Forest Trail: Did you know there’s another name used by some for the Sherwood Forest Trail? A long time ago, the Tijuana River flowed deep and wide enough that the only way to cross it in the valley was by barge. A barge with 17 people onboard broke loose from its river-crossing lines and

July 12, 2009

Spider Trail Awaits You

July 11, Spider Trail, Alongside Tree Farm: TRVEA trail masters cleared Spider Trail so that it’s wide enough for riding with fat and tall horses. It is trimmed masterfully so that it will be just right for Halloween when fat and tall spiders can weave their webs across it. (Located on the west side of the Eastern

July 05, 2009

Cathedral Trail – Open: Effie May – Beautiful!

June 6, 2009, Effie May & Cathedral Trails: TRVEA’s second annual joint cleanup with WildCoast& Tijuana River Citizens Council sent 300 people into the river bed to clear out Effie May Crossing, and to reopen Cathedral Trail. Approximately 3 tons of trash and 7 tons of tires were removed. Effie May Crossing is now pristine

July 05, 2009

La Mesa Parade

La Mesa, CA, May 30, 2009: