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May 08, 2010

Cathedral Trail – Awesome!

May 8, 2010, TRV Trails: Jan and her awesome TRVEA crew of 9 cleared out Cathedral Trail–the nasturtium flower wonderland–from trail head to the end. Logs were cut and trash moved aside. Don’t miss this incredible trail, the hallmark of the valley. Brian’s Bridle Path, Saturn Link, the Beach Trail over the river bed, and Three Corners

March 29, 2010

Trails Names: Latest Map

March 29, 2010, TRNERR: The latest map with current trail names is now in the Map and Travel page.

February 12, 2010

February '010 Trail Conditions

UPDATED 14Feb: The horse rental people cut a path through Effie May, and across the river channel. It’s an easy walk north to south across the riverbed and return with no water on the path. Roads throughout the park are generally in terrific condition, with footing as good as it gets. Some road sections are under water. If there is evidence of horse tracks through the

October 29, 2009

Sunflower Trail Good for Crossing River

October 23, Sunflower Trail: Thanks to a Tijuana River clean up sponsored by WildCoast, the Sunflower Trail is wide, sandy, dry, and clean. Use it to bypass the bridges to cross the river while tractors are dredging near the Effie May Crossing. After the first moderate rain, this trail will close because the river will begin to

October 16, 2009

River Work Heavy Equipment – Horse Detour

The Storm Water Dept will work 7 days a week from 6:00am to 6:00pm to clear Smuggler’s Gulch and the main channel of the Tijuana River west of Hollister St.  Work should complete by February 2010. Trails will be blocked during this work to keep horses and riders safe from fast-moving heavy equipment.  Horse detour signs have been posted and affected trails will

September 13, 2009

Wycliff Trail – Jurrasic Experience

September 12, 2009: Lower Wycliff Trail: Jan’s TRVEA Trail Crew punched through the flood damaged west end of Lower Wycliff Trail to completely open it to riders. Most of this is wide and tall and in heavy canopy. It harkens to a primitive time. Ride on Saturn Link Trail and you will find the east

September 04, 2009

Beach Trail Re-Routed

September 12, 2009: NEW UPDATE:This dirt road will be closed M – Sat from now through the first week of October. It will be open on Sundays. M-Sat, use the hand-marked trail that originates at the main park gate and winds through Goat canyon. It’s a terrific ride. September 4, 2009: The dirt road that

July 12, 2009

Lower Wycliffe – Caution

July12, 2009, Lower Wycliffe Trail: Riders recently report that a tree is hanging so low as to be nearly impassable for even short horses. TRVEA will post a notice when this has been resolved.

July 12, 2009

Sherwood Forest – The Ghost Trail

July 11, 2009, Sherwood Forest Trail: Did you know there’s another name used by some for the Sherwood Forest Trail? A long time ago, the Tijuana River flowed deep and wide enough that the only way to cross it in the valley was by barge. A barge with 17 people onboard broke loose from its river-crossing lines and

July 12, 2009

Spider Trail Awaits You

July 11, Spider Trail, Alongside Tree Farm: TRVEA trail masters cleared Spider Trail so that it’s wide enough for riding with fat and tall horses. It is trimmed masterfully so that it will be just right for Halloween when fat and tall spiders can weave their webs across it. (Located on the west side of the Eastern