Horse for Food –USA Update

July 18, 2012

Update on Horses for Food in the US: Jason Turner, PhD, a horse research specialist at New Mexico State University published an article in the New Mexico Stockman Magazine, March 2012.  He wrote that although there are no federal laws prohibiting the use of horses for food, state laws and food safety regulations have effectively made operation of a facility for this purpose to be impossible to do in the US. In other words, there are no horse processing facilities in the USA nor could any re-open. There are not, however, regulations that prevent the export of horses for food. Mr. Turner cites many sources in his article from positions taken by PETA, and current regulations that congress is working through. Although this topic is controversial and a hot button, the referenced sources can help us form opinions on this important issue. Read on here –  horse .  Comments are open to hear your view. Remember, this is a family related site so abusive and inflammatory comments cannot be published–please help us move the subject into some clarity!