Trail Conditions November 17 2014

November 17, 2014

Most trails are open, and most are in good condition with the exception of the following:

Effie May Crossing: (City & County) closed due to river flow

Brennan’s Bypass (City): closed due to river flow

Sunflower Trail (County): closed by debris (.7 mile)

Saturn Link (County): closed by debris (.5 mile)

2nd Crossing (USFWS/Navy): closed by USFWS & in dispute (.05 mile)

Lower Wycliffe Trail (County): closed by debris and dispute (.3 mile)

Three Corners (Navy): horse track in water crossing. Unknown footing.

Other Trail Notes:

Bunker Hill Trail: (State) open, State Parks building alternate, sustainable trail

Hollister Trail Staging Area (County): Open, potable water at staging & Butterfly Gardens.

Beaches (State & Federal): stay away from upper dunes delineated by fence for endangered breeding birds. There is potable water at the corral area beneath Monument Mesa. A hose bib is located close to the lower parking area.

Mosquitoes: Riders’ reports: few to none reported valley-wide.

Trail Maps: see

Canopy Trail Riders: BEWARE BREAKING TREES: Several times in the past few months, tall trees in the canopy trails areas have, for no apparent reason and with little warning other than a loud cracking sound, broken apart part way up the trunk then the upper half of the tree has crashed to the ground. It is a frightening sound and crash! Perhaps the breaking is caused by brittleness due to drought? There were no winds on the days trees were observed breaking and falling. Recently predicted high winds might make the problem worse so be aware!