MCAS – Miramar Stables to Close – TRVEA Against

April 10, 2008

April 2, 2008, San Diego Union Tribune: MCAS Miramar announced the closure of the base’s historical equestrian facility, citing (not credible) problems with operational expenses. The facility was cut in half several years ago for a storage parking lot, but this time base military administrators announced a permanent closure. TRVEA strongly opposes this action and has written to our political leaders in support of keeping the facility open. Read our letter here … Letter of Support MCAS Facility (Update, June 2008: Congresswoman Susan Davis wrote a letter (April) and received a reply from the CO that he would listen to plans to keep the stables open. Rep. Bob Filner contacted MCAS Commanding Officer regarding concern over closure. Col O’Connor responded by saying he has a mandate to make the stable profitable and would proceed accordingly. As of early May the CO was proceeding to close the stable in order to make the land available to future profitable operations.)