Important Detour Summer & Fall 2014

July 20, 2014

July, 2014, Important Detour: The City of San Diego did not re-open Effie May Crossing or Saturn Link after their river dredging work ended in May. For those riders bivouacked or using staging on the north side of the river, County Parks is asking that you detour Effie May Crossing by crossing south on the Hollister Street Bridge in order to get to Brennan’s Bypass Trail, ride west on Brennan’s Bypass up to the channel, then ride south along the channel, turn west over the “Horse Bridge” which crosses Smugglers Channel, and then pick up the trails to the beach as normal.

TRVEA recommends another route where you do not need to ride on the Hollister Street Bridge (that has traffic in both directions). This route takes you only on trails, many of them forest and canopy, leading to the south side of the river where you can pick up again the normal beach trails. Go to the this website’s Home Page, select Travel & Maps -> IMPORTANT DETOUR. Follow the link to the detour map.