Trail Conditions: September 2013

September 23, 2013

September 21, 2013: Most trails are open, and most are in good condition with the exception of the following:

Effie May Crossing (City): closed for channel dredging
(You’ll need to use either bridge to cross the river; OR ride to Diagonal Trail (Jurassic), then cross the dry-riverbed on PERL Trail to Four Corners, and vice-versa to go north.)
Brennan’s Bypass (City): closed for channel dredging
Horse Bridge (over Smugglers Channel, just west of Rancho Senora Fina: open during dredging – flagman – caution crossing!
Sunflower Trail (County): closed by debris
Saturn Link (County): closed by debris
Lower Wycliffe Trail (County): closed by debris
Three Corners (Navy): horse track in the water crossing now
Second Crossing (Navy): open, water crossing uncertain

For the trails on the north side of the river, trail construction is occurring now. Some trails will be temporarily fenced off during the construction work and closed to riders.