Eastward in River Bed to TJ – now is a good time to ride.

November 05, 2006

The trail in the river bed from Dairy Mart Bridge going eastward to TJ has dry good footing. The best place to cross as you get close to the border is at the water depth marker, located in the center of the river bed, Tijuan River concrete trail crossing near a pond in the river bed; east of Dairy Mart Bridge, October 2006. Click to Enlarge just a couple hundred yards before the Las Americas mall. There is no water in most of   the river in this area. You can cross at the concrete channel; but, although the ground  looks dry and firm, it can be a mud sink (use Border Patrol tire tracks to determine how  deep). There are many wildlife surprises and idyllic pools along the way, as well as impressive discarded tire collections. Finish your trip by riding along the perimeter of the sod farm. This is always a great trip.