February '010 Trail Conditions

February 12, 2010

UPDATED 14Feb: The horse rental people cut a path through Effie May, and across the river channel. It’s an easy walk north to south across the riverbed and return with no water on the path. Roads throughout the park are generally in terrific condition, with footing as good as it gets. Some road sections are under water. If there is evidence of horse tracks through the flooded sections, the footing is likely okay. However, the valley floor has been greatly rearranged by the last heavy rains. Even flat areas have deep cut arroyos and mud bogs. Do not get off trail. Quicksand-like mud bogs and sink holes have pulled in horses and riders over the years. You can have safe trail rides if you avoid any trails where there are not recent hoof prints marked through them. Some forest trails are passable for long sections. Most terminate at a heavy bog or debri-blocked thicket so prepare for dead ends. It’s actually quite fun to figure out a way to get somewhere. If the sun shines for about two weeks, some forest trail sections become passable along their entire lengths.