March 1 Trails Info:

March 03, 2008

Sugar and Paula, March 1, 2: Saturday, we rode the trail crossing the river at the corner of 19th and park rd.  Its still pretty muddy on both the front at the road and over further thru the trees just before you come out at the mitigation trail.   The mitigation trail has dried out and the downed tree has been removed so that trail is usable again.   The puddles on the road to the picnic area at border field has also dried out and you can again see the road, except for the big one down by the beach parking. Yesterday I tried the pipeline trail again.  It has NOT dried out and the only way around it takes you to monument road which is not somewhere I care to ride.  I did not get in far enough to see if the tree that was down had been removed.  So Sugar and I went out the Estuary loop trail.  That is passable again as the downed tree has been removed, but because the gate fence is down, because of the alien plant removal program,  there were motorcycles and atvs playing around in there.  They also were riding around on the trail behind the duck ponds.