Trail Conditions April 2014

April 09, 2014

Trail Conditions, April 9, 2014: As of today, most trails are open, and most are in good condition with the exception of the following:

Effie May Crossing (City): closed by channel dredging
(You’ll need to use either bridge to cross the river; OR ride through Diagonal Trail (Jurassic), then cross the dry-riverbed on PERL Trail to Four Corners and vice-versa to go north. TRVEA is actively working to get this crossing reopened by summer.)
Brennan’s Bypass (City): closed at the channel crossing by channel dredging
Sunflower Trail (County): closed by debris
Saturn Link (County): closed by debris
Lower Wycliffe Trail (County): closed by debris
Three Corners (Navy): horse track in the water crossing now
Second Crossing (Navy): open, water crossing uncertain