Trail Conditions as of Nov 22 2016

November 22, 2016

Trail Conditions:

SPECIAL NOTE: New valley-wide trail maps are in the final stages of approval. Until officially released, we will continue to use the original trail names. Also, Mountain Bikes are allowed on all trails except for Cathedral and Brian’s Bridle Path. Also, a section from the Saturn ponds and overlook to the trail head at Duck Pond and Harrier (both in the Refuge Area), is closed to Mountain Bikes.


Most trails are open, and most are in good condition with the exception of the following:
Effie May Crossing: (City & County) closed due to  City dredging operations, probably closed for the rainy season .
Brennan’s Bypass (City): main trail open; Smugglers channel closed due to City dredging operations
Sunflower Trail (County): fully closed due to river water.
Saturn Link (County): permanently closed by County (.5 mile)
2nd Crossing (USFWS/Navy): closed by USFWS & in dispute (.05 mile)
Lower Wycliffe Trail (County): permanently closed (.3 mile)
Three Corners (Navy): closed by USFWS & in dispute.


Other Trail Condition Information
Hollister Trail Staging Area (County): Open, potable water at staging & Butterfly Gardens.
Beaches (State & Federal): stay away from upper dunes delineated by fence for endangered breeding birds. There is potable water at the corral area beneath Monument Mesa. A hose bib is located close to the lower parking area.
Mosquitoes: Riders’ reports: Reports from light to none at various parts of the trail system.
Rattlesnack Report: Possible bite on horse in October.
Trail Maps: see (New map in 2017.)
Mesa Trail Riders: A common question is what’s it like to ride the mesa tops with Border Patrol and new trails. TRVEA advises to ride only the trails and roads that are obviously used as trails or roads. In the rare instance when a Border Patrol Agent asks you to leave the area, politely comply. Relationships between the Border Patrol and equestrians are very good, and sometimes new agents don’t understand the trails, or they are on a special alert.