Trails: July 3 2012

July 03, 2012

Tijuana River Valley, July 3, 2012: Most valley trails are passable to very good. Information is received from other riders, so might not be accurate. Mosquitoes reported none to light, reported mostly dawn and dusk; ticks reported by one hiker, but no other reports. Branches and trees fall sporadically so be aware.

Cathedral: open,
Brian’s Bridle Path: open
Sherwood Forest: open, some brush
Diagonal / Jurassic: open some low branches
Monument Rd at BFSP: open to horses, hikers;check for automobiles
Effie May Crossing: open, some brushy areas
Sunset Trail, Spur: open
East, West, Central Link Trails: open
Sunset Trail near 3-Corners: brushy, water crossing, some tracks
Harrier, Navy Trails and Links: brushy, most not passable
Duck Pond Loop, Link, Trail, Sunset Spur: brushy, mostly passable-needs riding on
Sunflower Trail: closed – heavy brush and washout
Garden Trail: unknown – no report
Mesa Trails: open
Smugglers Trails:open
Saturn Link Trail: washed out, impassable center section
Lower Wycliffe: closed, washed out
Upper Wycliffe: open
Mud Flats (near BFSP Gate): open
PERL Trail: canopy portion good, road portion brushy, passable
Coyote Link: brushy, passable
Marsh Trail: open; Bog at Marsh Trail: open
Brennan’s Bypass: open
Suncoast Spurling: brushy, but likely passable
Beach Trail: mostly passable, some bypasses open; Beach: open
Sunset & Willow Link: very brushy, passable in sections
Second Crossing: blocked