What’s the Story on the “Horse Bridge” Across Smugglers?

February 01, 2015

January 31, 2015, Smugglers Gulch: One of the questions heard most often is about the origin and name of the culvert-style bridge across Smugglers Channel, just south of Brennan’s Bypass Trail. Carolyn Powers was key in making this bridge. She said that equestrians and farmers long understood the need for an alternate crossing, especially during heavy rain when the channel had flowing water and Monument Road flooded where Smugglers Gulch crosses Monument Rd. The Border Patrol needed another crossing during these weather events. So Carolyn, an equestrian activist, and Doc Doolittle, Station Chief for the Imperial Beach Border Patrol Station, met with Frank Belock, City Flood Task Force Director. Under the guise that work on the South Bay Outfall stops during every rain event because construction crews cannot get to their work area at the beach, Carolyn, Doc, and Frank worked with the Border Patrol to engineer the crossing, and passed it in City Council with a $10K funding amount. The City built the bridge circa 1997. Carolyn had always called it simply “The Horse Bridge.” It was engineered for horses and pickup trucks to cross the flowing Smugglers Channel. This author’s apologies for any name misspellings, and notes the information is anecdotal.