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TRVEA Log - Read how Mary Johnson created art that reflects our unique lives in the Tijuana River Valley(The) Tijuana River Valley Equestrian Association (TRVEA) are fellow equestrians who formed a non-profit association in 1986 to promote and protect the horse and rider experience in this wonderful Tijuana River Valley. We’re individuals and families. We ride trail, dressage, western, jumper, endurance, and every other equestrian sport you can participate in. We are located on the US and Mexico border (la frontera!), just west of Interstate 5, and bounded by the Pacific Ocean. We have 4000 acres to ride in canopy forest, high mesas, estuary, riverbed, and miles of beach; agricultural paths, historical sites; city, county, state, and federal parkland.

TRVEA sponsors equestrian seminars, gymkhanas, parades, trail rides, bar-b-ques, clinics, and many fun activities centered on you and your horse. But some of the most important things TRVEA does are behind the scenes.

  • Provide charitable events and donations for children and families, especially where the equestrian life can be shared with others who are less fortunate.
  • Protect your trails from special interests who want the valley changed; we attend meetings of over 30 agencies, associations, departments, and federal, state, county, and city agendas to represent Tijuana River Valley equestrians. TRVEA works with County Parks, State Parks, and US Fish & Wildlife on important wildlife and park management activities.
  • Maintain miles of equestrian trails for your riding pleasures.
  • Assist equestrians during regional disasters and emergencies by providing information, and organizing shelter, hauling, and care by the Tijuana River Valley’s available resources for horses and animals who are in harm’s way.

Select the topic you’re interested in from the lists on the side panel.Thank you for visiting our website! We hope to see you soon on the trails or in the arenas! We want your voice in our important association–TRVEA.

  • To promote camaraderie among Valley equestrians.
  • To protect and preserve Valley natural resources.
  • To sponsor youth participation in equestrian activities.
  • To maintain and preserve all public and equestrian trails.
  • To assist, inform and educate all things equestrian.
  • To promote the usefulness of horses in public service.
  • To promote assistance-patrols that support all regional parks.

TRVEA Fact Sheets 2013 ed 1

How do I join TRVEA?

Joining is simple and member benefits are worthwhile for you. When you join, your family members receive a one-million-dollar personal excess liability insurance policy when engaged in any equestrian activity. This coverage is the majority of your membership fee. As a member, your important voice is added to the weight we wield to protect this valley’s resources and to preserve the equestrian experience. And you receive big discounts for your entire family for all TRVEA competitions, shows, clinics, and events. Contact us at the email address below and we’ll send an informational package. Or print, fill in, and mail the application form from the Membership Form (under Pages) on this website.

How can I comment on a topic I read on this site, or on a topic of interest to equestrians in the TRV?

Only some of the articles allow a comment to be posted, so look for these on different pages and categories. Of course, a comment is reviewed before allowing it to be shown in order to ensure this remains a family oriented informational website. After review, if approved, they will be posted exactly as you wrote it.

How can I contact TRVEA?

Send an email to

See you on the trails … and in the arenas!

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